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Product Design

Mobility solutions are changing customer mindsets. Uber, Lyft, and last-mile scooters are re-framing how we think about transportation and our cars. Audi is focused on creating innovative responses to our evolving needs.

Audi & Drawn worked together to explore and develop a subscription auto service, more flexible leasing terms, and features designed to attract new customers.

Strategic Insights

Drawn facilitated a series of strategic conversations with the leadership of Volkswagen Auto Group and design sprints with current customers, leading to the creation of new go-to-market strategies and concepts.

“I feel mixed: it’s a burden to be responsible for and attached to something that costs a lot of money, pollutes our environment, and ultimately depreciates in value, but also I really enjoy having the freedom and luxury it provides me to move around easily and quickly.”
Maya, 31, urban California, currently shopping

Our approach to product design and strategy reduces the complexity of large-scale strategic investments while de-risking design and product feature decisions.

Designing the Solution

Our research and insights were translated into prototypes in the first week of our relationship, testing hypotheses that emerged from our strategic discussions and design sprints in real-time.

Rapid prototyping and data analytics create an unprecedented view into the exact needs of a customer, long before detailed design and development begin.

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