Redesigning a high performance Level 1 Trauma Hospital in 12 weeks.

Service Design
Data Driven Insights & Design

Culture defines the behavior of an organization. Broken cultures can have serious impact on performance.

In medicine, culture is more than the bottom line, it is measured in lives saved and lost.

Designing Culture

Retained foreign objects, safety events, and turnover time are all factors that determine the outcome of a surgical procedure and define the quality of care across an institution.

Our strategy team scrubbed into the role of surgeons and the preoperative staff at Washington Hospital, one of the highest performing Level 1 trauma centers in the world. We worked side by side with surgical teams; following their rotations, and observing every action.


Surgical Observations


Design Sprints


Staff Interviews

Redesigning Performance

Our interviews, observations, and sprints revealed common fears & anxieties, as well as a lack of trust among colleagues. These serious issues were mapped back to leadership and the organizational design of the hospital.

We identified that within a culture without an ethos, respect, trust, and standards, communication declines, staff aim to “keep their head down,” and we move toward mediocrity – fatal flaws in the design of a healthcare institution.

Working with executive and surgical leadership, Drawn facilitated a series of collaborative organizational redesigns, iterating, and refining in day-long workshops.

Reducing Complexity
Sketching Solutions
Hiring Personas

The Results – Organizational Structure

Organizational redesign requires direction, intent, and follow-through. Our strategic recommendations and redesigned org chart were supported by detailed personas indicating interaction models, accountabilities, and responsibilities of every team member.

Our work concluded with an institution-wide rollout of the new organizational structure through a series of onboarding workshops and a board-level readout.
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