A crime-stopping tool in the hands of anyone with access to a smart phone.

Design Thinking
Rapid Prototyping

The Salesforce Foundation asked Drawn to solve a problem:

How can design strategy, experience design, and mobile technology be used to create safer and healthier oceans?

Solving the problem

We were able to combine MetaMind AI, the Salesforce CRM, and an effective user experience with existing procedures at Interpol and beyond.

Our work was recognized at the United Nations Oceans Council, The Interpol Assembly on Ocean Safety and was a finalist in the xPrize Big Oceans Challenge.

Mapping the problem
Testing the solution

Designing the Tool

Our work resulted in Mazu: an app that can be accessed across a variety of common devices, extending beyond the reach of current policing tools. The Mazu App puts sophisticated image recognition and vessel tracking technology in a well-designed experience. Most importantly, it puts a crime-stopping tool into the hands of anyone with access to a smart phone.

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